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7.1.12 University Organization Sales Policy

Sales on University Property

The selling of merchandise including food, beverages and service on Illinois State University property is restricted to University operated sites, and pre-approved lessees. In addition, the Bone Student Center/Braden Auditorium (BSC/BA) and Redbird Arena shall allow for the sale of merchandise approved by the management of each facility for specific events, i.e., antique shows, flea markets, home shows, concert event souvenir tables, etc. Such activities must not compete directly with University operated or leased sites.

Merchandise may also be sold through approved University departments/registered student organizations provided that the sales are conducted for the sole purpose of raising funds to support the operation of the sponsoring organization.

Fund raising activities must be approved at least ten (10) working days in advance of the activity by the appropriate personnel listed below.

  1. Sales events in the BSC/BA are approved by the Activities/Programs Coordinator, Bone Student Center Rm. 144 (438-2222).
  2. Sales events held in athletic facilities shall be approved by the Manager of the Redbird Arena, RBA Rm. 220 (438-2000).
  3. Sales events on the Quad or campus green space shall be approved by the Assistant Director of Student Life and Programs, Rm. 387 Student Services Building (438-2151).
  4. Sales events in a Residence Hall shall be approved by the Hall or Area Coordinator in that facility.
  5. A college dean or major area administrator may certify a sales event in any other campus facility as being in compliance with this policy and not in need of additional approval. However, the dean/administrator will notify the Administrative Assistant in the Office of Scheduling in writing of any such activity involving outside vendors.

Sales Must Also Meet the Following Criteria

  1. Sales efforts shall be defined as arrangements by registered student organizations or University departments for the purpose of generating income for the sponsoring group. The sponsoring group must be present (including web presence for web sales) at the point of sale.
  2. Each sponsoring group must sign an agreement with the appropriate approval agency as listed above, specifying the following: what is to be sold, where merchandise will come from. what arrangements have been made for payment of merchandise to vendor, proof that sponsor shall receive an equitable percentage (recommended minimum of 20%) of gross merchandise sold or a specific amount for each item processed, i.e., credit card applications, etc. In addition, the organization must state the activity it is seeking to support with such funding.
  3. All sales efforts must be consistent with state, local, and University regulations, including payment of any taxes or licensing fees, commonly accepted standards of decency and taste, and must not present any potential danger to the consumer or to the University Community. Merchandise sold should not directly compete with University operated sites, lessees or as much as reasonably possible with local merchants. Illinois State University will not be held liable in any way for the suitability, quality or safety of merchandise sold.
  4. Any and all uses of the University's name, symbols or other indicia require the prior review and approval of the University and the grant of a specific license. Proposals to use the University's trademarks should be directed to the Office of University Advancement, Rm. 401 Hovey (438-7681).
  5. To the extent possible, local merchants will be invited to participate before non-local outside vendors.
  6. Off-campus vendors without sponsorship shall not be allowed to sell merchandise on campus except for activities as mentioned above in Bone Student Center/Braden Auditorium and Redbird Arena, or during special University events such as Welcomefest and Springfest programs, where sales opportunities are generally open to the public, provided the vendor pays appropriate fees and meets all event requirements.

Initiating body: Vice President For Finance and Planning

Contact: Vice President (309-438-2143)

Revised on: 06/2004

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