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6.1.7 Use of Grove Street Property


The University property at 401 N. Grove Street is separated from the main part of campus and located in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Since 1985, use of the green space on the property has been guided by an understanding developed by President Watkins and communicated to the neighbors in a letter by Board of Regents’ chair, Carol Burns.

This restricts the type of activities and limits the frequency of the University’s use of the property. The property has been fenced and landscaped since 1985 and operated and scheduled within these guidelines. Changes in University administrative personnel and increased demand for activity space by athletics, U-High, and Campus Recreation requires a restatement of the University’s guidelines regarding use of the Grove Street property.


  1. The use of the field will be restricted to intramural and unscheduled recreational soccer only.
  2. Hours will be 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  3. Parking areas will be enclosed and off the street.
  4. Illinois State University will be responsible for keeping the area clean.
  5. Landscaping screening will be installed along the perimeter of the field.
  6. The property will be patrolled by the Illinois State University security police on regular rounds.

Initiating body: Presidents Office

Contact: Vice President for Finance and Planning (309-438-2143)

Reviewed - 01/2015

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