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6.1.6 Recreational Use of University Recreational Facilities

General Policies

  1. This policy is in regard to the following facilities and the departments that oversee their scheduling:
    • Horton Field House and Hancock Stadium - Intercollegiate Athletics
    • Student Recreation Building and Gregory Street Fields - Recreation Services
    • University High School, Metcalf School, and McCormick Hall - Conference Services
  2. Facility request forms are available through the respective department or through the Conference Services Web page.
  3. A request received less than five working days prior to the event is subject to not being considered.
  4. Upon approval, department will forward approved request to Conference Services.  All scheduling will be coordinated through Conference Services at least two weeks prior to the event.
  5. Exceptions for Supervision/Facility User fees can be made for financially underprivileged groups.
  6. A supervisor/lifeguard will be assigned to all approved scheduled events to coordinate the opening and closing of facilities and to be available for emergencies.  Staffing for the event will be provided by the department that oversees the scheduling of the facility.  The coordination of supervision is the responsibility of Conference Services, telephone (309)438-2160.
  7. University and non-University groups shall pay for damage to University property occurring during its use of said premises -- ordinary wear and tear excluded.
  8. Routine janitorial clean-up after an event is included in the Supervisor/Facility User Fee. If more than routine clean-up is required for an event, an additional charge will be assessed.
  9. To cancel the use of a scheduled facility, contact Conference Services and the respective department via telephone or in writing at least 24 hours in advance of weekday events or by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday for weekend or holiday events. Groups failing to provide proper cancellation notice will be expected to pay l00% of all charges and fees.  In addition, groups failing to provide proper cancellation may be denied use of facilities for future events.
  10. Questions concerning the availability of facilities, or policies related to the use of facilities, should be directed to Conference Services.
  11. Questions concerning the Supervision/Facility User Fee and the payment of this fee should be directed to the department that oversees the scheduling of the facility or Conference Services.
  12. Groups participating in recreational activities in University facilities must agree to hold harmless the University and the State of Illinois for any claims, or injuries to persons or property which may occur to them through their participation in any University facility.
  13. Facilities may be used as often as desired by University groups as long as the General Policies are followed.
  14. A deposit (refundable or non-refundable) maybe be required and will be determined by the department that oversees the facility.  If a refundable deposit is required, the refundable deposit will be returned to the organization when the department certifies that the facility has been left in the same condition it was before it was used by the organization.

Facility Usage Non-University Groups

  1. Non-University groups may request as many dates as desired each month.  The non-university group may be given notice that the facilities will not be available for their use due to a higher priority request.
  2. The non-university group making the request will be informed if the facility becomes unavailable for their use due to a higher priority request.

Initiating body: Recreation Services

Contact: Recreation Services (309-438-7529)

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