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6.1.37 Facilities Naming


Authority for naming campus facilities is conferred upon the University by Board of Trustees of Illinois State University Governing Document (Section C, IV, c; adopted 5-9-97):

“The Board shall approve the naming of all facilities of the University. The University shall develop rules to be used in recommending names to the Board.”

The University may also have the opportunity to name programs, institutes, centers, positions such as endowed chairs and professorships, to be  known collectively as “university entities.” Naming of university entities will follow the same protocol and procedures outlined below, with the exception that they may be submitted to the Board of Trustees as an information item only.

The Illinois State University Foundation acts at the official fundraising arm of Illinois State University.  Gift-based naming proposals for eligible “university entities” require the prior approval of both the Vice President for University Advancement and the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs before being forwarded to the University Naming Committee.

Presidential University Naming Committee

A Presidential University Naming Committee, appointed by the President of the University, advises the President prior to the President’s making recommendations to the Board of Trustees regarding the naming of facilities. The committee is comprised of one representative from the President’s Office and one representative from each vice presidential area.  The Finance and Planning representative should be appointed from the Facilities  Planning area.

The President shall appoint one student representative, one faculty representative and up to three additional at large members. Representatives from University Advancement and Office of the Provost will jointly chair of the University Naming Committee on behalf of the Provost and Vice President for University Advancement.

The student member shall serve a one year term. The faculty representative and any at large members serve two-year appointments, but may be reappointed for a maximum of three consecutive terms. Members are re-eligible for service after one year off the committee. (The term total may be extended to include service done to fill a vacancy of less than two years duration.)

Definition of Terms

The terms "facility" and "facilities" refer to any university building, structure, room, plaza, open space, landscaped area, or other physical improvements or natural features of the University campus or other property under the administrative control of the University.

Donor refers to an individual, corporation, or foundation who have made significant financial contributions to the University for the development of a new program, position, or renovated or new facility or facilities.

The term university entity refers to any college, department, or major or minor area recognized by the university, including all “programs” within such entities. The terms “center” and “institute” refer to any entity so designated through university processes. The term position refers to any “endowed chair” and “endowed professorship” or any position established  through financial contributions to the University by donors and approved/created  through university processes.

Naming possibilities for university facilities or entities include any person or legal entity referred to in this policy statement as "Individual(s)."


University facilities or entities may be named for donors  who have made significant financial contributions to the University; notable alumni with close ties to the University; former employees of the University; distinguished former members of the Board of Trustees; and public persons of Illinois, nation or any country;

  • Functional Names: In most cases, university facilities or entities will be given functional names that describe and identify the principal activity or purpose of the facility or entity.
  • Benefactor Dedications: Donors who wish to pursue a gift-based naming opportunity for any “eligible” University facility or entity must meet the Illinois State University Foundation Gift Naming Guidelines (refer to Benefactor Naming of Facilities Policy or Benefactor Naming of Funds, Positions, and Programs Policy) and have a fully executed donor gift agreement on file with the Illinois State University Foundation. In unusual cases, facilities or entities may be named in recognition of individuals by the President of the University on a case-by-case basis.
  • General Names: University facilities or entities may be given general names if, because of frequently changing or multiple functions, a functional name could be misleading, cumbersome, or inappropriate.
  • Names in Honor of or Dedicated to Specific Individuals: In exceptional instances, a university facility or entity may be named to honor an individual whose accomplishments or contributions have distinguished the University. No facility or entity will be named after or dedicated in honor of any person employed by the University, State of Illinois, or an elected office holder until five years after termination of service.
  • Relocation, Renaming, Removal of Facility Dedications: The renaming of a facility, removal or relocation of a dedication of a facility shall follow the same university policy and procedures for naming a new facility.
  • Names of Facilities or Entities may be removed or changed in unusual circumstances when it appears a prior naming could be damaging to the reputation of the University or not be in the best interest of the University. The University Naming Committee shall follow the same procedure as for naming a facility or entity.

Ineligible Facilities or Entities: The University Naming Committee will determine facilities or entities that will not be eligible for naming for an individual. At present, such facilities include the Quad. Facilities named for historic Illinois State University persons will not be renamed without prior Senate authorization.


Confidentiality: Considering the sensitivity of the matters under consideration and their potential for creating misunderstanding, all stages of the proposal, review and recommendation process are required to be conducted in confidence.

Facilities or Entities with Functional/General Names: Written proposals for assignment of or change in functional/general names, with an explanation of supporting reasons, may be submitted to the President of the University by any member of the University community for potential recommendation to the Board of Trustees. Recommendation for the naming of a facility or entity is initiated upon receipt  by the University Naming Committee of a proposal to recommend.

A proposal to recommend naming may originate from, but is not limited to, responsible persons within or outside the University community, or by initiative of the University Naming Committee or the Vice-President for University Advancement in context of substantial financial contribution to the University by a donor.

The President will refer proposals to the University Naming Committee for review and advice. The Committee may, to the extent it deems necessary and appropriate, solicit views of members of the campus community. The University Naming Committee will determine whether the proposal  is responsible, appropriate, and consistent with the Board of Trustees governing document. After considering all relevant information, the Committee will make its recommendation for approval or rejection of the proposal to the President.

The President may submit a recommendation to the Board of Trustees for final approval of the naming of a facility. The President may submit the naming of a University entity other than a facility to the Board of Trustees as an information item.

Facilities or Entities Named in Honor or Memory of Specific Individuals: Proposals to name facilities or entity in honor/memory of a specific individual may be initiated by 1) a written petition to the President, signed by 10 or more members of the University community, 2) a written proposal to the President from any vice president or dean. Proposals may be resubmitted no sooner than two years following a denial of an initial proposal.

Each proposal, as feasible, shall be accompanied by:

  1. a description of the facility or entity and the name proposed to be honored
  2. a biographical summary of the person proposed
  3. a statement of rationale articulating the distinctiveness of the individual’s contributions to the University

The President will refer the proposal to the University Naming Committee, followed by the same procedures outlined above.

Implementation: Upon Board of Trustees’ approval of functional/general names, the Office of the President will give necessary notification of facility names. Any new signs, plaques or markers shall be provided to conform to university policy and design standards related to campus signage and graphics.

Upon final approval of names of facilities or entities in honor/memory of specific individuals, the implementation, notification, ceremonies and signage will be carried out under the direction of the President.

The University Office of Facilities Planning will maintain an official list of all university facilities and their approved functional/general or honorary names. Complete files and records of all background data and proceedings leading to the assignment or change of the name of any facility will be maintained by the Office of Facilities Planning.

The Vice President for Advancement will maintain an official list of all other university entities with their approved names, along with complete files and records of all background data and proceedings leading to the assignment or change of the name of any campus entity.

Initiating body: President's Office

Contact: Assistant to the President (309-438-5677)

Revised on: April 2011

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