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6.1.14 Solicitation


No solicitation may occur on university property except as permitted by University Policies. Solicitation by University units consistent with their mission is not prohibited by this policy.

The University Mass Electronic Communication Policy prohibits any member of the campus community from using University resources to send unsolicited, mass electronic communications or "Spam" on-campus or off-campus for any content outside the scope of its university mission. With few exceptions, mass-electronic communications require permission from the recipients and the communication must offer an option to be removed from the list at any time.

Solictations are permitted by the University Foundation under the Division of University Advancement, the ISU Student Foundation, the annual State Employees Combined Appeal drive, and any others mandated by State law or Proclamation of the Governor. Unusual exceptions to this policy may be made through a request directed to the Chair of the Academic Senate, who shall make a recommendation to the President of the University.

Any member of the University community may, on his or her own initiative, permit a solicitor in his or her office or room on University governed grounds to transact business. Both shall be subject to any published regulations pertaining to the facility in which their transactions take place.

Initiating body: Academic Senate

Contact: Vice President for Finance and Planning

Revised on: 11/2007

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