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3.4.7 Employment for Teaching Purposes of Administrative/Professional Personnel


A full-time Administrative/Professional employee may be granted a noncontinuing appointment to teach not more than one course in each Fall/Spring semester in addition to a full-time Administrative/Professional appointment.

Requests for a teaching assignment for an Administrative/Professional employee should be initiated on an Additional Academic Payment Form PERS 916 by the chairperson of the academic department in which the teaching is to take place.

If the request is approved by the employee's supervisor and staff administrator, it should be submitted to the appropriate college dean for endorsement. Salary shall be at least the minimum of the nontenure track range for the appropriate degree.

If the teaching occurs during the employee's regular work day, the employee and the supervisor must agree in writing either to require the make-up of missed time, to reduce the regular nonteaching appointment line, or to develop an alternative solution mutually satisfactory to the employee and the supervisor. The staff administrator responsible for the employee's department must approve the written agreement and a copy of the agreement must then be forwarded to the  Human Resources before the teaching assignment begins.

Administrative/Professional employees shall not be utilized in teaching to displace members of a departmental staff.

Nothing in this policy shall preclude a department from assigning adjunct status to an Administrative/Professional employee.

Initiating body: Vice President and Provost, Human Resources

Contact: Associate Vice President Human Resources (309-438-8311)

Revised on: 04/2007

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