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3.2.1 Academic Personnel


The term ‘Academic Personnel’ refers to all appointments made through the Office of the Provost that are subject to approval by the President of Illinois State University. These appointments, however, may report through any of the University Staff Administrators.

Academic Personnel are Classified As:

  • Faculty (Any ranked or unranked appointment for the purpose of instruction, organized research or public service in one of the academic [credit hour producing] departments and related areas)
    • Tenured/Tenure-Track
    • Nontenure Track
    • Terminal
  • Administrative/Professional (Any academic appointment for the purpose of support for the area of instruction, organized research and public service)
    • Continuing
    • Noncontinuing
  • Laboratory School/Faculty Associates (Any appointments that do not hold rank in an academic department and are assigned totally to one of the University Laboratory Schools)

Additional Information

Policy concerning the hiring of Academic Personnel is a function of the Office of the Provost. For additional specific policy information, also refer to the Illinois State University Appointment, Salary, Promotion, and Tenure Policies (latest edition).

Further policy questions may be directed to the Academic Personnel Office in the Office of the Provost.

Initiating body:

Contact: Vice President and Provost

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