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5.1.5 Drug-free Workplace


In response to and in compliance with the federal Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, Illinois State University reaffirms its commitment to prevent and prohibit the use and abuse of controlled substances on the campus or within facilities owned, operated, or controlled by the University.

In an effort to maintain a work environment free from the disruptive and destructive effects which use of controlled substances may engender, the following statement shall be considered a University policy applicable to all employees:

The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, or use of a controlled substance is strictly prohibited upon any property owned, operated, or controlled by Illinois State University. Violators will be subject to University disciplinary action consistent with existing University policies, rules, regulations, and employment agreements. Employees suffering from dependency on or addiction to a controlled substance are encouraged to seek assistance through the University's Employee Assistance Program or from non-University health and human service professionals.

As a condition of continued institutional grant or contract eligibility, and as a condition of employment under any federal contract or grant, employees must comply not only with this policy, but also with the requirement of notifying the Coordinator, Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) within five (5)days of any conviction under a criminal drug statute where the criminal act upon which the conviction is based occurred upon property owned, operated or controlled by the University. Within ten (10) days after receiving such notice, the University must notify the federal grant or contract authority. Within thirty (30) days after receiving such notice, the University may initiate appropriate disciplinary action, including discharge, against the employee or require the employee to participate in an approved rehabilitation program.

A copy of this policy statement will be provided each University employee whether employed under a federal contract or grant or otherwise. In addition, the University will make drug education programs available to all categories of University employees.

Initiating body: President

Contact: University General Counsel (309-438-8999)

Reviewed - no change: 01/2002

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